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Be Seen On The Go

Over 50% of the internet usage is now consumed on mobile devices (and growing). 1

While the average website can take up to 15 seconds to load on a mobile device, 53% of traffic tend to leave a page that takes longer than three seconds to load. 1

MyOnePage is designed to be fast and optimize your online business for mobile devices (which may also affect your search engine rankings).

Be seen everywhere!

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Let Your Story Flow

The average time spent on a web page is less than 15 seconds. 2

Not only should your page load fast, but you need to quickly get a person interested in what you have to say (before they click away).

MyOnePage layout is designed to let your online "story" flow better while using custom sections (images and text).

Stand out and make a great first impression!

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Get More Interactions

The goal of your website should be to have people take a specific Call To Action (CTA), like a contact form or other offer (free course).

Personalized CTAs also convert over 200% better than default versions. 3

MyOnePage is designed to highlight your own custom CTA and increase conversions of page visitors to future clients.

Pro+ autoresponder

Let your page grow your business!

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Everything You Need!

Fast & Mobile Optimized Page

SEO for Your Business

Your Images and Custom Design

Targeted Call to Action Buttons

Optional Photo Gallery, Map and Contact Form

Free SSL for Your Domain

Unlimited Changes (No Extra Fees)

Photo Gallery, Map and Contact Form

Hosting, Backups and Security Included

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NO Added Fees. NO Contract. Money Back Guarantee! (*Limited Time Offer)

Sample Pages


What kind of small businesses is this ideal for?

Any kind of small business/entrepreneur (full or part time) who is looking to be seen and expand their client base. Examples are (but not limited to):

Personal Trainers/Fitness Bootcamps/Yoga

Massage Therapists/Chiropractors

Yoga/Tennis/Golf/Martial Arts/Other Lessons

Dog Walkers/Sitters

House Cleaners/Decorators



And many other kinds of business ideas/services/products (online or offline), as each page is customized per person.

Important Note: You must be over 18 and legally the owner of the business/service you are promoting (see full terms of service).

What is a mobile optimized (responsive) page?

"Responsive" means that the page is flexible to look good on any device whether it is a large desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Mobile menus. Built for speed. 2 sec vs 10sec. Compressed images for different view sizes.

Important for search engine rankings too

You can click on any of the demo pages above to see a sample live page in action. If you change the width of the browser window (make it smaller), you will see the page change to adapt as well (being responsive).

You can also use developer tools options in Chrome and Safari to see what a page will look like on different devices.

One page fits all!

What is a mini course (Pro+ email autoresponder)?

Do I need any technical skills?

Nope! Of course you can, but MyOnePage was designed to do it all for you so you don't have to worry about any of the technical stuff (and get out and do your best work!).

All coding, SEO, image resizing/compression, header formatting, custom fonts/colors, monthly hosting maintenance and even copywriting is all done for you!

You will also get unlimited number of changes so you can keep your page updated.

It's like having your own IT department for just one low monthly price!

What about a domain name?

You should own your domain name (and not be tied to any one website company). Redirecting your domain name to your new site can be done in a few simple steps (and you will be walked through them).

If you don't have a domain to use yet, you can use a registration site like Namecheap to see what is available and purchase (for a low cost).

You will be provided with a FREE SSL certificate to assure your visitors the site is secure (and it will be setup for you).

What kind of images can I use?

Ideally you should be using your own images to stand out and show off who you really are! (and tell YOUR story)

There are also places to find free to use photos such as Unsplash and Pexels.

No matter what images you decide to use, they will be uploaded, resized and compressed for mobile viewing.

How long will it take to set up?

Once you are signed up for membership (not the waiting list), most pages are usually up within 3-5 business days*.

With the 10 day free trial, you will not be billed before the page is setup so you can see if it's right for you! (You can also cancel anytime)

After the initial page setup, changes can then be made with no extra fees (and usually completed in couple business days*).

(*Business days Mon-Fri US-EST)

Who is behind all this?

My name is Mike, and as a self employed/entrepreneur over the last 15+ years I know how hard it can be to get new clients. Also as a web designer I know what works (and what doesn't) online.

I'm now want to use my experience to help others succeed in what ever small business they are passionate about.

I've coded everything from scratch to be the cleanest (with a touch of simplicity) and most effective page possible.

I do all the work for you (like your own personal IT department)! No other customer service departments. No outsourcing. You stay in contact directly with me (the person who writes your code).

My goal is to help small businesses/entrepreneurs follow their passion.

How do I get started?

Because of the personal attention and quality given in designing each new page, only a small number of new clients can be added weekly.

If you join the waiting list below, you will be notified each time new client membership opens (for a limited number of spots).

Get on the waiting list below and be on your way to having your very own professional page up very soon!

Any other questions can be sent to

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